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tv   [untitled]    November 21, 2010 2:00pm-2:30pm PST

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>> when you think of small coastal towns in california, you think of beautiful beaches. but in pescadero, a town about 33 miles from santa cruz, something else is bringing in the tourists. that's right--goats. welcome to harley goat farm in san mateo county, where alpine goats are the star attractions. dee harley runs this 9 acre farm looking after about 200 goats. this is the only dairy in the county. >> it's not that i had this dream of having a goat farm. i think i was always going to be a farmer of some kind. i grew up in northern england, in yorkshire, and it was a very rural place. so i was always attracted to that lifestyle. i just didn't necessarily think it would manifest with goats, you know? >> like many of the cheese
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makers in california, it's all largely done by hand, although a vegetable [indistinct] culture is added to the pasteurized milk to give it the initial yogurt texture. the mixture is collected in cheesecloth bags and the resulting curds are left to hang in them for about 2 days. after that comes the fun part--kneading the cheese. >> look at that. it's like ice cream. but also this, the feel of this, you can't learn that overnight. it's something that comes with a lot of repetition. >> so you know how much to knead. >> yes. you know, and when to stop and when it's right or when it's been hanging for the correct amount of time. >> harley goat farms sells its cheese to specialty stores like whole foods, as well as restaurants and hotels, like san francisco's fairmont hotel and the ritz carlton.
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there's no shortage of customers tasting the different chses, including feta, fromage blanc, and snapping up the goat milk products like soap and skin lotions. this farm store helps to strengthen the direct relationship between farmer and consumer. and it ensures customers keep coming back. >> no, actually i didn't. they just had it in the store, but i never really know the difference, not till i started coming over here. and you can just taste the difference, you know. and it's just really nice. >> although visitors come from all over the world, most are from the golden state. goat cheese is increasing in popularity in california, and here at harley farms, they believe in controlling all aspects of it so that they get great taste and great quality. >> our secret ingredient is right here, is in the grass that is grown in this wonderful soil. we're 2 miles from the ocean. so that ocean air comes in, and quite often it's foggy, especially during the summer, and it brings in that foggy, salty air which
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grows the grass that the goats eat. and we consider that a secret ingredient. so you see it on a lot of menus all over the country now. even in cheese courses, lots of the chefs are doing after dinner cheese courses, which is great for small cheese makers like ourselves, because we're so supported by the chefs. >> that ncludes today's tour of the best of "california country". join us next time for more undiscovered treasures from the most fascinating state in the country. [captioning made possible by california farm bureau federation] [captioned by the national captioning institute] so are you going out tonight? i can't. my parents say i have to be home right after work. ugh. that's so gay.
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